Y is everything so exhausting_ it's gonna hurt


Alice Z Jones
itchi aka Jan Fleischer
Eight Fang
Miriam Wierzchoslawska
Lauriane Daphne Carl
+ Malina Vaagt

Pieces fall to pieces fall to pieces.
From the cracks in our bellies
nerve endings undulate
and something blooms.
All hungers seek a way in through our wounds.

The noise of relation’s impact can be heard. Rising and falling.                          
Close reading with scabs, hot breath, flaking scales, sour skin,
bloody mouth: an abject melody.

Mortal bodily needs. Hunger dies down.
Touch everything at the edges: a preposition.
Breathing, an overwhelming condition reminds you of circular time.

Mortal bodily needs, ventricles of exhaustion murmur out, as my fingertips work scrolling intervention.
The works amply and draw out structural consistency as a fantasy.
They keep a distance until, until once solid ideologies vaporize.
Shifting its value.  
Subterranean echoes of violence announce their silence.

All I can think about. Disorganise the organisation.
In this sense grip loosens and life speaks.
With a dystopian optimism. ‘Break it down’

Inducing incompletion where it emerges that enables change.
Within collaborative action, holding worlds buried, forgotten then new, becoming.
The exhibition acknowledges the persistence of unbearable constraints, these conditions of late capitalism
that proliferate many forms of violence and hold no one accountable.

Intractable fleshy wagers, compositions, and encounters consider how it arcs, what it reaches:
a montage of mortal needs in conflict.

text Colette Patterson

graphics itchi