Hell fire at the threshold!
Chaos Rehearsals offers points of interception within the significance of voicing. A polyphonic lament with olfactory components, Madeleine melts and burns at the parameters of speech. Putrescible constellations signify a lexicon of language and inhabit muscular density. Fundamentally bound to the exertions: prophecy or propaganda?

Madeleine Stack is an artist and writer. Their site-specific exhibitions often use atmospheric conditions, perishable materials and by-products alongside engraved passages, unholy books and rotting verses, to turn a glass eye on the contemporary votive practices of queerness, revolution, religion and communications technology. They are particularly interested in the intimate circulation of bodies, capital and languages, and the lack of divisibility between extremes and mundanities of pleasure, loss and distance, as well as the regurgitated ideologies found growing around alternative forms of living.

text and curation Colette Patterson
part of the series warm fuzzes ** cold prickles
kindly funded by the Kulturamt Stadt Leipzig

photography: Laura Wichmann

god’s gloryhole is a play by Fer Boyd and Madeleine Stack. It follows a typical sundowners session of two wannabe prophets hanging out at god’s gloryhole, the stream of info & ideas. Annoyingly, they just can’t seem to get their prophecies in order—they keep getting damaged, cutshort, or eaten by the dog at the door, edging their ravenous audience to the limit.The play travels across the power lines of prophecy, showing off what happens in the waiting rooms of speaking, and chewing on the ouroboros of denial and prediction humans find themselves in, in the burning twenties of the twenty-first century.